sammie b
gunge filled tights
slime filled pantyhose
pantyhose filling
sploshed sammie b
bulging filled tights
kelly sploshed
gunge filled knickers
filling up panties

Its fun and frolics as we indulge in one of our favourite sploshing pastimes namely filling up girls panties and pantyhose! First up is Sammie B Gets Pantyhosed in which we take great delight in filling up Sammie B's fetching pantyhose with orange gunge, custard and squirty cream leaving Sammie to tear open her bulging tights to squeeze out the goo! Then we have Kelly in The Virgin Filler as we attempt to pull Kelly's knickers down with the weight of the porridge and spaghetti Miss T's dumps down her panties. Will we succeed or is it just an excuse to have fun in Kelly's knickers? As usual we take you so close to the action you will have to fight your way out of Sammie's tights and to excuse our shameless panty filling indulgence you get both films for one price!

Sammie Gets Pantyhosed 13:24 mins - 151mb(720x576)
The Virgin Filler 07:59 mins - 92mb(720x576)