sammie b & ashlea

sammie b & ashlea
rice pudding on ashlea
sammie b beaned
ashela covered in spaghetti
creamy trifle boobs
sammie b creamy knickers
ashlea sploshed
sammie b messy
sticky messy girls

Episode 3 of our epic contest of wit and cunning plus lots of mess and the chance to strip to save yourself! Yes its the The Really Nasty GameShow with everyones favourite Sammie B and sweet newcomer Ashlea as our two lovely contestents in this head to head battle! Rules are simple. Get the question right and you have the chance to splosh your opponent with anything from gunge to rice pudding with freezing cold yoghurt, beans, spaghetti and the odd pie or two along the way. Will the fiesty Sammie prove too much for sweet Ashlea or will this experience reveal a hidden nasty streak in her and just what is that yukky stuff that just clings to the girls? Tune in and find out in The Really Nasty GameShow!
36:50 mins - Part 1 305Mb; Part 2 249mb(720x576)
Film split into 2 parts for convenience. Price is for the full film (36:50 mins)

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